Marine, Terrestrial and Astral


Art Exchange ArtX

356, E. 3rd Ave Long Beach CA 90802

January 14 to February 23, 2018


Anna Bae  Jennifer Celio  Chenhung Chen  Connie DK Lane  Emily Maddigan  Mariana Nelson  Hilary Norcliffe  Cat Chui Phillips  Katie Stubblefield  J. Renee Tanner  Sydney Walters  Tracey Weiss


Artist Talk and Tour

Moderator Alyssa Cordova, Asst. Curator, Orange County Museum of Art

Saturday, February 10, 3 to 5pm


 “Using the ultimate in up-cycling, these artists have taken items as disparate as bleach bottles, old leggings and color slides and turned them into conceptual works that are thrilling in both execution and theme. The reuse of discarded materials and their transition into something beautiful is wonderful in and of itself, but beyond that, the artists are also responding to the chaos in today’s natural, political and social environment. In short, Salvage does more than save and reiterate refuse, it also works toward saving our collective spirits.” 

Genie Davis, ART AND CAKE

A Contemporary Art Magazine with a Focus on the Los Angeles Art Scene

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